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The Management at Indus Hospital has enumerated a list of Patient Rights and ensures that these rights of patients are protected.A mechanism has also been devised to ensure that in case a right is violated, the same is documented and appropriate Redressal is done along with a Corrective and Preventive Action report (CAPA).

Management and facility staff ensure that the patient is informed of their rights and responsibilities as per the policy statement; the information is made available in a printed format which is signed by the patient / attendant and placed in the patient file. Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities are documented displayed at reception areas and they are made aware of the same. A printed bilingual copy is given to them, which is signed by the patient / attendant.

Indus International Hospital has documented Patient Rights and Responsibilities which have been formula ted by the Management and approved in the Patient Experience Department Committee Meeting and documented also

  • The Hospital management (i.e. the Chairman, the COO, CFO and the Director –Clinical Services, Director – Administrative services & Unit Heads) ensure that the patients’ rights are protected and redressal of patient and relatives Complaints is ensured
  • The staff is trained so that they can advise the patient to on the method of making a Complaint in case of violation of patient rights
  • Training is provided to all staff to ensure that the rights are protected.
  • Staff is vigilant so that there is no violation of any patient right and in case a patient right is violated, the same is reported to Patient Welfare Department and corrective and preventive action taken within defined time as per Patient Complaint Redressal Process

Patient responsibilities include those actions on the part of patients that are needed so that healthcare providers can provide appropriate care, make accurate and responsible care decisions, address patient’s needs, and maintain a sound and viable healthcare facility

  • Indus Hospital has documented a list of violations and staff is trained to capture any such violation.
  • The Patients / family are also educated that they can report any patient and family right violation to the Patient Experience Department staff
  • Root Cause Analysis and Corrective measures are documented in the register.
  • Preventive measures are taken by way of staff orientation and periodic training towards patient and family rights.
  • SPECIAL PREFERENCES, SPIRITUAL and CULTURAL needs are not honored.
  • RESPECT and DIGNITY is compromised on the basis of Caste, Creed and Nationality or PRIVACY during examination, procedure and treatment is compromised.
  • Patient / family experiences abuse, neglect, injury and/ or additional vulnerabilities form employees.
  • Breach of CONFIDENTIALITY with regards to patient’s records and treatment.
  • Patient/ family’s REFUSAL for TREATMENT and/ or will to exercise LAMA (Left Against Medical Advice) is denied.
  • Patient/ family’s right to SEEK AN ADDITIONAL OPINION regarding clinical care is denied.
  • Inaccurate / inadequate information is given about various CONSENTS before treatment.
  • Patient/ family’s not given information about PROCESS OF MAKING COMPLAINTS. Patient Harassment in case complaint is made.
  • Patient / family not updated about ESTIMATED COSTS prior to any treatment.
  • Patient / family denied ACCESS to his/her clinical records.
  • Patient / family denied information about treating doctor or treatment.
  • Patient / family denied not provided with sensitive / confidential information to patient and family
  • Complaint Register and Suggestion Box : A ‘Complaints Register’ and a ‘Suggestion Box’ is placed at the reception for the grievances of the patients or their families.
  • Patients can call patient Welfare Officer at *7025 in ISSH from HOSPITAL PHONE : The Manager – Patient Welfare Department accesses these Complaints and gets them resolved
  • Feedback form (OPD and IPD) : This is added to the patient’s file and also uploaded in the hospital’s ‘Patient Feedback Analysis of software is done to assess which departments have the maximum/minimum complaints against them and which are the areas that require improvement
  • Complain to Patient Welfare Department : Patient experience Department ensures that all complaints that are escalated to it are addressed as per protocol within defined time frames. (Refer SOP: Patient Welfare Department) The Contact number for the PATIENT EXPERIENCE DEPARTMENT is displayed at all the receptions as well as in every patient room

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