CME Planned

The medical field is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies, practices, and innovations. Therefore, a nurse or health care specialist’s education doesn’t end once a degree is obtained.


Importance of CME Activity

Continuing medical education is the process by which family physicians and other health professionals engage in activities designed to support their continuing professional development. Activities are derived from multiple instructional domains, are learner-centered, and support the ability of those professionals to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and continuous patient care and service to the public and their profession.

These activities are high-quality, unbiased, evidence-based, up-to-date, learner-driven, and produced in a variety of formats. There is value in providing information about integrative medicine (also referred to as complementary and alternative practices and other terms) to help family physicians respond to patients who use these therapies and who would consider using them. Family physicians need to understand new medical practices and products including integrative approaches to effectively counsel patients, understand potential drug or treatment interactions, and better evaluate patient outcomes.

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