Mission, Vision & Values


Our Vision

To be a leading and trusted choice for healthcare.

Our Mission

To provide Comprehensive, Competent, Cost effective environmental friendly care to all through Clinical Practice, Research and Education.

Quality Policy

To meet the changing needs & expectations of the patient

And to introduce quality in all its services & ensure continuous improvement of quality through national accreditation ( like NABH)

Core Values

The vision has to be achieved through the lens of these values that we will not compromise, in any case, because if we do this, we will be making a sandcastle and not a real institution.



We are fair, transparent and ethical in our dealings with associates, clinicians and the community that we serve. We believe that all our dealings should be able to stand the test of public scrutiny.



Passion (are the same) - there has to be energy in whatever we do, we work with love, and we love our work, we have friends, in workplace we enjoy coming to Indus, there is no room for complacency but every drives us, we don’t care about the time day, because we just love what we do.



Less debt , long term thoughts , over short term gains, employees with loyalty and intelligence to understand the long term goals, long term carrier rather than an employment which is short but with lot of privileges, being profitable always , even during the growth phase ( this is a very important premise for achieving growth and innovation- if we grow , and innovate without sustainability or profitability then it is not an essential or right growth or innovation, being frugal in our approach to solutions and be proud of it at the same time.



Whatever we do, we will do with Indus touch, a touch of differentiation through innovation and trying new ideas, we will recruit employees who think out of box, we will not punish initiatives even if they go bad, if the intentions were right., Differentiation through innovative thinking, the perception of differentiation in everything that we do.


Our Values

Integrity, Driven, Sustainable, Innovative, Progressive and forward thinking


Progressive, Forward thinking

We are one step ahead of others, we embrace change, infact we love change, and it is embracement of change that will lead us. The vision is long term goal, but we have to break it into small doable parts so that we can measure our success or celebrate our success every year or introspect into our failures.

Service Standards









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