Estimated Cost of Treatment



1. Differential charges for the procedure, packages, investigations, and consultant visit tariffs apply for different categories of room.

2. The tariffs are exclusive of GST & other government levies.

3. The packages mentioned are for a specified number of days only.

4. The packages include only routine medicines, antibiotics & consumables (as specified in each package). Any other medicines like high-end antibiotics, TPI, etc. are not part of the package. Individual details are available in the tariff master.

5. IPD Doctors’ Team Visiting Charges: The doctor’s visiting charge shall be levied twice a day, by Doctor. In case the doctor is required to visit more than twice time a day, then the visits will be charged on the actual no of visits.

6. Any referral or cross consultations will be charged separately.


Billing Guidelines:

1. Billing cycle is from 12 noon to 12 noon.

2. In Ward Up to 4 hours of stay will be treated as Half Day.

3. For a Day Care patient in case the patient stays less than 6 hours, Hourly Charge will be charged on room rent. Between 6 hours to 12 hours stay 60% of the room rent will be charged.

4. In ICU Up to 4 hours of stay will be treated as Half Day. ICU Charges INCLUDE - Room rent, Pulse Oximeter and cardiac monitoring.

Ventilator Charges

 The ventilator will be charged as one-day charges @ Rs. 3500 per day.

Out Patient Services

  • Registration Charges – One-time Registration fees will be Rs.40 Only.

First Time Consultation

  • Super Specialist - Rs. 400 –Rs.500
  • Specialist – Rs. 300-Rs 400
  • Follow-up visit charges are Free on the above-mentioned rates and are applicable for a period of 3 days from the day of billing.

IPD Visit Charges:

The charge is towards providing quality medical management of the Patient. The charge covers only one visit per day, but in case the patient’s condition demands the Doctor will visit as many times as required and the visits will be charged separately.

Cross referral visits if required will be charged separately.


Room Category

Amount (Per Day)


Private Room



Semi Private Room



General Ward






Note : Once a treatment plan is advised by a specialist, the IPD service team arranges a quotation or estimated cost of the treatment. Prices may vary from Unit to Unit, Contact 01762-512666 for any information.




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