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Cancer is curable- if the will power is high and the treatment is credible!

The noble mission of assisting quality cancer treatment with the aid of cost-effective medical solutions is the idea behind establishing the oncology wing at Indus Hospitals. The cancer center at Indus works efficiently in detecting and diagnosing the early signs of cancer in a patient. If treated in time, cancer can be resolved. The stage one and two of cancer treatment is curable. The oncology team at Indus offers level best solutions for ensuring longer survival for stage three patients. For the patients suffering with cancer at stage four, life can be much easier if the treatment has the merits of quality and care.

The Cancer Center at Indus Hospitals provides:

1. Proactive services for proper diagnosis and cancer staging.

2. Using the primary treatment approach.

3. Curing the palliation.

4. Investing time and effort in the psychological build-up of patient.

5. Preparing a patient physically.

6. Rehabilitation services.

7. Going for proper follow-ups in each part of staging.

8. Combined multimodality approach in oncology.

9. Evidence based treatment with facilities like Virtual Simulation /CT Simulation, SRT Stereotactic Radiotherapy, 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT), intensity modulated radiotherapy, TBI & HBI Body Irradiation, 3D Treatment Planning System (Oncentra) and Mould Room. 

Oncology Treatments at Indus Hospitals:

1. Surgical Oncology

2. Medical Oncology- includes Cytotoxic Drugs, biological and immunotherapy.

3. Clinical haematology

4. Radiation Oncology

5. Palliative Oncology- includes pain management.

6. Reconstructive Surgery

7. Anesthesia and Critical care

8. Oncopathology

Why choose us?

Indus Hospital of Oncology focuses on delivering expert consultations, accurate diagnosis, and treatment of all varieties of cancer and includes related therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and other procedures. Indus Hospital’s oncology team specializes in the most advanced and quality treatments to treat cancer.

At Indus Hospital, the Oncology team is highly experienced in the early detection of cancers and their management with the help of the finest and most advanced techniques. Patient comfort and safety are well taken care of by Indus Hospital by rendering superior quality and personalized care. The team also focuses on efficient counseling and education about the problem to the patient and its attendants. The oncologists specialize in offering comprehensive preoperative preparations, careful monitoring of the problem, and quality postoperative care to the inpatients.


Our Doctor's Team

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2. Dr. Kamalpreet Kaur

3. Dr. Deepak Singla

4. Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sachdeva

5. Dr. Romeeta Trehan

6. Dr. Ashwin Anand Kallianpur

7. Dr. Mukesh Chawla

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