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Pathology is that division in medical science including the diagnosis and study of any particular disease, through surgical removal of a particular sample from your body or the complete part that needs to be examined. This is a highly detail-oriented process that helps doctors or other specialists understand the exact extent of one’s condition, its causes, and much more; leading to a more specialized treatment option.

Indus Hospital was founded on the pillars of honesty, discipline, hard work, and technical expertise, and continues to enjoy the trust and confidence of patients and doctors alike. Indus Hospital has set the standards for diagnostic laboratory medicine in the area. In this regard, it is only fitting that we are the NABH & NABL certified laboratory.

We achieve this by promoting a direct interaction of the patient and their doctors with our Pathologist and Microbiologist. Our team of doctors makes sure that they see the patient behind every sample, and use all the medical and technological advancements at their disposal to ensure a quality report to the patient, in a quick time, and at an affordable price!

Why Choose us?

A pathologist is a medical healthcare provider who examines bodies and body tissues. He or she is also responsible for performing lab tests. A pathologist at Indus Hospital helps other healthcare providers reach diagnoses and is an important member of the treatment team.

The Department of Pathology at Indus Hospital provides inpatient, outpatient, and reference lab services.

An integral part of the health care team, we continue to distinguish ourselves as a national leader in pathology services. We employ the latest technology and methods, Our expertise spans all areas of the specialty. We have medical experts in surgical pathology, cytopathology, autopsy, and transfusion medicine, to name a few, who are readily available for clinical consultation with referring physicians. Our team conducts innovative translational research designed to improve detection, disease characterization, and personalization of treatment in various specialty areas including infectious disease and molecular, gastrointestinal, and neurological pathology.

Some main services Provided in Indus Hospital are :

  1. Haematology
  2. Clinical Biochemistry
  3. Clinical Pathology
  4. Clinical Microbiology and serology
  5. Immunology
  6. Histopathology
  7. Molecular Biology and many more
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Dr. Parminder Kaur


Department of Microbiology Lab Services | Indus Hospital

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