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The Department of Anesthesia & Pain Management is one of the younger specialties of medicine dealing with obtunding or minimizing pain associated with surgery or any invasive procedure. It is relatively a new branch that has been in existence for a little over 150 years and its growth in leaps and bounds has made complex procedures and surgery much easier now. This department is dedicated to the management of critically ill patients and the anesthetic management of complex surgeries. The specialty has spawned into newer branches like intensive care, pain management, and emergency medicine.

The department has a team of skilled and dedicated anesthesiologists with extensive years of experience in the field. Our primary goal is to provide the highest degree of care with primary emphasis on the patient’s safety and satisfaction. With our anesthetic techniques, we cover a wide range of procedures to benefit our patients. Our services are engineered to meet the individual needs of each patient in a timely and efficient manner.

Why Choose Us?

It is essential to have a qualified anesthesiologist in order to deliver safe anesthesia. The Anesthesiology Department at Indus Hospitals has experienced and skilled anesthesiologists. Our anesthesiologists have a perioperative approach toward their patients because mere surgery is not enough are committed to patient safety and well-being. They work closely with a multidisciplinary team of doctors, surgeons, and nursing staff to deliver prime comprehensive for patients before the surgical procedure, during operation theaters, and post-surgery period.

Our Hospitals use advanced and sophisticated equipment to monitor the vitals during surgery. Our team is well prepared to handle sudden medical problems that arise during and immediately after the surgery. Hence, Indus is recognized as one of the best Anesthesiology Hospitals in Punjab for offering a full range of world-class Anesthetic care.

Services We Offer

The department provides a comprehensive range of clinical services including pre-operative anesthesia services, critical care medicine, and pain medicine. Our patients receive advanced medical care provided by highly trained and skilled clinicians. Our team of Anesthesiologists provides anesthetic services to various specialties in the

General Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Renal Transplant Surgery
Cardiac Surgeries
Obstetrics & Gynecology Surgery
Orthopaedics including various joint replacements and arthroscopies
Spine Surgery
Plastic surgery
Vascular Surgery
Transplant Anaesthesia
PAC Services
Transesophageal Echocardiogram
Cardiac Anaesthesia service
Monitored Anaesthesia Care
OFF Site Anaesthesia support
Conscious Anaesthesia
Vascular Access Services
Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
Epidurals for pain
Labour analgesia
Difficult Airway Management
Regional Blocks
Monitoring of Vital
Invasive Monitoring


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