Visitor restrictions and timing

Guidelines for Relatives/ Visitors

The Hospital recognizes the importance and the rights of patients to have visitors.

Family waiting areas are provided in the hospital, especially outside the OPD, Dialysis, sample collection room, TMT/ECHO, Diagnostic, IPD waiting area,. However, the Hospital also recognizes that its primary purpose is to help improve the health of the patients entrusted to its care. On those occasions where situations of visitation potentially distract from the promotion of the healing process, actions may be taken which restrict or otherwise control visitation.

Visiting Hours

Morning - 11:00 Hrs - 12:00 Hrs

Evening- 17:00 Hrs - 18:00 Hrs

Patients need a calm, peaceful and infection-free environment to recover.
Therefore, to prevent patient-rooms and wards from becoming overcrowded and noisy, our Hospital has adopted an ATTENDANT and VISITOR’S POLICY, whereby only fixed number of visitors are allowed to see the patient during general visiting hours

All patients will be authorized visitor pass and attendant pass as per policy.

Visitor passes will be issued by the IPD reception who shall also instruct the visitor to remain on the assigned unit. Visitor pass must be handed back to the IPD reception once patient is discharged along with the clearance card.

Attendant Pass will be issued at the time of admission of the patient. These may be collected from the IPD reception Security officers shall monitor all visitors entering the Hospital and determine if visitor security clearance has been met. Visitors not receiving security clearance shall be detained in the lobby and/or removed from the hospital premises.

Visitation shall be restricted or terminated for non-compliance with established visitor policies and/or declared emergency situations for the Hospital. If visitor control becomes a problem and cannot be managed by Unit personnel, Security Office shall be contacted for assistance.

For Attendants

At the time of admission the attendant pass is generated from the IPD reception. The number of passes for attendants is as follows.


Room Attendant Pass Visiting Pass
Private room 1 1
Twin Sharing 1 1
General (Wards) 1 1
ICU 1 1

Visit Timings

Days Intensive Care Unit Wards/ Rooms
Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 12 Noon 11 AM to 12:00 NOON
17:00 hrs-18:00 hrs 17:00 hrs-18:00 hrs
  • Please note that the visiting hours for Hospital are as above.
  • Kindly keep the number of visitors to the barest minimum to avoid cross infections.
  • We would also seek your utmost cooperation in ensuring a minimal stay of the patients by abiding the following:
  • Please refrain from visiting patients if you have symptoms such as fever, cough or cold, Respiratory disorders, Skin and GI Infections.
  • Children of age 12 and under are not encouraged in visiting patients due to their relatively low immunity. This is to protect them from getting infected as they are more susceptible to contract infections. A written authorization from the CMO/Medical Superintendent must be obtained for allowing children to visit the patient in case of patient having any communicable disease.
  • To respect the privacy of our patients, visitors and staff, taking photographs, audio or video recording using any devices (camera, video-camera, phone-camera, voice recorder) are not allowed within the hospital premises.
  • Indus Hospitals reserves the right to request for such recordings to be deleted.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub after visiting patients in the hospital. Responsibility will remain with nursing staff for this.
  • Tipping Policy: Do Not Tip- As a service Organization, we wish to extend every courtesy to all our patients. All of our employees have been instructed not to accept any tip in kind or cash.
  • No Smoking: The hospital is a No Smoking Zone. Smoking or Consumption of Alcohol is Strictly Prohibited
  • Only one attendant is permitted to stay with the patients round the clock .Attendant pass is valid upto the date of discharge or 10 days whichever is more.
  • Attendant of the patient admitted in ICUs will remain in the hospital in the attended waiting area on the Ground floor. He / She is permitted to spend the night in the prescribed area.
  • Post 10 days passes can be renewed at the Reception / Admission counter for next 10 days or date of discharge whichever is applicable.
  • Patient / Relatives who requires the authentication (seal) on hospital documents or mediclaim papers shall be issued a pass for MRD from our reception – may I help you Counter from 09:00- 18:00 on all days except Sunday & Public Holidays.
  • Visitors specially children who have been exposed and incubating communicable disease. For example chicken pox, measles, German measles shall not visit and shall not brought to patient care unit area like waiting room and play areas.


  • Ask your patient's permission to visit before you arrive.
  • Wash your hands and sanitize them before you touch the patient.
  • Turn off your cell phone, or at least turn the ringer off especially in the critical care area.
  • Stay for a short time.
  • Leave the room if the doctor or provider arrives to examine or talk to the patient.


  • Don't enter the hospital if you have any symptoms that could be contagious like cold, flu, etc.
  • Don't bring outside food/fruits inside hospital for patients. The hospital serves well balanced vegetarian meals.
  • Don't argue/ fight with the security guards, they are only doing their duty.

Indus Hospital welcomes all suggestions and feedback experienced while your stay in our Hospital. Hence it is important that the services that you and/or your family member receive are addressed properly. Your input and your ideas will assist us to make this place better. There are several ways that you can tell us how we are doing:

  • Tell your therapist or doctor if you have suggestions about our services
  • Inform The Patient welfare Department team- Patient Welfare Officers who take daily rounds morning and evening.
  • Fill out Patient Feedback form at the time of discharge or fill out the Patient Suggestion Form or post your feedback on our website: www.......... and patient can also be drop his/her suggestion in the suggestion box placed outside the department of lab medicine.
  • Be familiar with our grievance/complaint procedures
  • Call or write us anytime to offer your suggestions and opinions
  • IPD staff and security for regulating attendant visits.
  • Nursing staff to attend well being of attendants before they visit their patient and educating them.
  • Clinical Instructor and nursing staff for educating patient and attendant on hand hygiene.

It is important to ensure that you have planned your visit well. Moreover there are a few steps that are to be followed to ensure that the planning is moving in the right direction. Please refer to the list below:

7 steps for Excellent Medical Treatment

1. Get in touch

To access the best medical treatment, it is important that you follow a detailed process. Get in touch with the international patient cell at Indus Hospitals. To contact email at Mention your name, country and the details that you require. It would benefit you more if you could forward the reports and the required details.

2. Email your medical history

After you have generally spoken to the representatives, you should forward all your concerned reports- radiology, pathology, surgical and consultations at The international patient cell shall revert to you in 48 hours.

3. Online consultation

Post you have shared your information with the hospital an online consultation will be facilitated. The same shall help you to understand your condition better. The medical support shall also help to assess the severity of the medical condition. The urgency if the medical travel can be planned accordingly. The online consultation shall also introduce you to your treating doctor. The hospital shall also be providing you an estimate of your treatment and stay. Details of your post surgery rehabilitation and follow up can also be included on request.

4. Plan your trip

Based on your medical conditions, the hospital shall assist you in your visa formalities. Necessary documents shall be provided to you to facilitate your travel. Accommodation details shall be shared to ensure that the same are as per your requests.

5. Arrival

Post your arrivals at International Airport- Complimentary pick up facility shall be provided. The international patient cell share ensure that a dedicated support staff is assigned to you to facilitate your stay and medical arrangement

6.Pre operation check up – Procedure- Post operation:

Pre-operative tests are conducted to assess the present medical condition of the patient. The analysis is essential to ensure that the patient is fit for medical surgery or other related recommended procedures. The doctors of medical excellence shall be performing the required surgery. The required follow up and post surgery rehabilitation shall also be provided to the patient.

7. Medical Follow up

Post the surgery and the rehabilitation, the hospital shall be providing you the details for follow up. They shall schedule your online or in person visits.

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