A winsome smile declares the healthy oral hygiene of a patient- it is good for the confidence and self-esteem of an individual! In lieu to this, Indus shares the vision of providing constructive dentistry solutions to the world around. For making this vision come true, Indus hospitals have coupled the unparallel skills of our medical team with latest technology available in the field of dental studies. Indus proudly declares the existence of specialized ‘Dentistry’ wing in the hospital premises. The dentistry wing is powered by professional dental experts and skilled artisans that have been associated with noteworthy dental institutions situated across the globe.

Indus Hospital provides dentistry solutions for-

- Bonding

- Crown and Bridge (metal free)

- Cosmetic Dentistry

- Dental implants

- Dentures (for both flexible and light weight Dentures)

- Filling of all types

- Root canal treatment

- Complete Dentures- Normal, Lucetone, Melodent and Ivoclar.

- Partial Dentures- Normal RPD and Flexible RPD.

- Teeth Whitening treatment

- Painless Tooth Extractions and replacement of missing tooth

- Esthetic Filling- GIC and Composite.

The Various Dental Services at Indus:

Oral Facial: The procedure of oral facial at Indus Hospital is predefined! It begins with a one hour clean-up session that is general scheduled as per the patient’s convenience. The clean up session for oral facial at Indus is powered with ultra sonic devices. With the help of the device, a patient can witness the experience of having bright, white and beautiful smile. Oral Facial treatment is all you that a patient needs for having unbeatably clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath.

Indus hospital offers oral facial with two specific options:

- With Polishing at a price of Rs. 3,000/-

- Without Polishing at a price of Rs. 1,500/-

Teeth Whitening: The teeth whitening treatment at Indus hospital provides avid solutions for discolored, darkened and stained teeth. In case there is a color breach due to an injury (or because of the aftermaths of root canal treatment), go for teeth whitening treatment to restore the bliss of a power pack smile.

Indus Dental care wing extends a constructive ambiance for the wellbeing of your oral condition- we offer three types of teeth whitening services:

In Studio Bleaching: The treatment is done with the use of bleaching agent that is applied all across the surface of tooth. The activation process is done with the aid of lasers. A typical chair side bleaching takes about 30 min to 1 hour, and the cost is about Rs. 5,000 per sitting.

Take Home Teeth Whitening: The process of ‘Take Home Teeth Whitening’ ensures the best comfort and convenience of the patient. It fits a custom-made mouth guard that holds the bleaching powder in the guard. The patient could wear it for 2 hours daily (or even during the night time) - adjusting the date according to personal choice.

Combination: The best dental solution that is highly recommended for each and every patient. Combination treatment ensures the merits of both immediate and long term whitening at a minimal cost of Rs. 10,000. The treatment also provides the option of choosing between pre-fabricated trays and custom made trays especially designed for a patient.

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