Hand & Foot Treatment

Your hands and feet are among your hardest working — and most visible — parts of your body. Keep them strong, healthy, & attractive with our hand & foot care techniques.

At Indus Hygiea, our manicures and pedicures incorporate complete cuticle work, exfoliation, moisturising massage, nail shape/buff and polish, including hard skin removal for feet.

The procedures for either manicures or pedicures take a full 60 minutes to complete. A short version of these procedures namely Shape and Polish for Hands or Feet can be done and takes 20-30 minutes to complete depending on the nail’s condition.

Hands along with fingernails are given a better look with the help of beauty treatment called Manicure.
Professional manicures are very effective. By having routine manicures every four to six weeks maximum along with a balanced diet, you can make your fingernails strong.

Pedicure is the same type of treatment for the feet.

Everyone knows that it feels good and nice to get a pedicure. Getting some extra time spent on pampering the toes and legs is always welcomed and rewarded. Even the polished toenails look wonderful and make you feel so pleased with yourself. There are also the same physical benefits to getting a pedicure on a regular schedule.

For your feet to be their softest, they need proper care. This means more professional care, since the feet tend to be the most neglected, and the most abused part of the human body by men and women. Pedicures are basically the only way to make our feet relax and have that sparkling look that almost makes us wear sandals to work.

The Indus Hygiea Hands & Feet Treatments are tailored for ALL MEN & WOMEN.

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