Derma Peels

Derma Peels

At Indus Hygiea Skin clinics, we offer a variety of peels to meet the needs of clients. While we have provided details of our Medium Depth Chemical Peel below, please consult our staff for details of other peels that we have available.

We offer Glycolic, Lactic, TCA, Specialist peels for Melasma and other conditions.

One of the most difficult things to gauge is "how much peeling". Some clients want to shed as much skin as possible in one peel, whereas others wish to peel more slowly and less obviously. Unfortunately skin is quite unique and can react differently from peel to peel.

Please discuss the level of peeling and result you wish to achieve when you come for your consultation.

An Example Peel: Medium Depth Chemical Peel

This simple non-surgical procedure rejuvenates the surface texture of the skin, reduces fine lines, blemishes and strengthens the tension of the facial area. The peel can be used to reduce the effects of sun damage and aging. It has the effect of ironing out fine lines and wrinkles. The TCA peel removes the top layer of the skin, which will shed over a period of seven (7) days. A new skin will then grow with fresh young cells that appear as new smoother skin.

The full facial peel procedure is carried out in the surgery by a qualified Doctor, and takes approximately one hour.

DAY 1 - Patient should arrive at surgery with a clean face. (No makeup or moisturiser). The solution is applied to the face, one area at a time until an all over even frosting is reached. When you leave the surgery, your face will appeared and will feel very tight. No creams to be applied that day.

DAY 2 - Face will have a tanned look and appear wrinkled (this is normal). Sorbolene Cream may be applied as often as needed. Makeup can be used.

DAY 3 - You may experience first signs of peeling. Never force skin to peel as this maycause undue redness. You can speed peeling process by using a buffer while cleansing.

DAY 4 - Same as Day 3, light peeling.

DAY 5 - Full peel should develop with shedding of the skin starting in the center of the face.

DAY 6 - Peeling should appear around hair-line and neck.

DAY 7 - Peeling will be very minimal or almost complete. Skin will be a little pink.

Important Points To Remember

When peeling has finished you should go back to your normal cleansing and moisturising routine with your Glycolic Based Creams until your next treatment. Moderate peels are best applied during the cooler weather, as skin is very sun sensitive. A SPF 15+ sun block should be applied all year round to prevent further aging and pigmentation.
For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified staff at Indus Hygiea Skin Clinics.

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