Back Shine Treatment

The skin on the back often tends to get patchy, tanned and spotted with acne, acne scars and pigmentation, thus making it embarrassing to wear the clothes we desire. Well not any more as Indus Hygiea, the leading brand that offers world class treatments and services to deliver solutions for a beautiful, flawless skin, has the answer in the Back Shine Service.

The Indus Hygiea Back Shine treatment is designed to rid the back of dead superficial cells, embedded dust and grime. It also addresses common problems like pigmentation and acne scars to reveal fresher, healthier, glowing skin. So, don’t turn your back on those daring numbers yet. With the Back Shine treatment you can slip on your halters, tie-ups and noodle straps with confidence and have a real romantic Valentine evening with ease and confidence.

The skin on our back is one of the most neglected areas and is subjected to years of dust, pollution and harmful UV rays. One monthly session is recommended by Indus Hygiea to maintain the achieved look of an unblemished radiating back.


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