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Dr Anupum (M.B.B.S. , MS Opthalmology)


About Indus Eye Care

Indus Eye Care is in the forefront as regards to deployment of cutting edge technology for providing world class ophthalmic care. Scientifically proven new technologies which serve as a boon to patients suffering from different types of eye ailments are harnessed effectively. The hospital works closely with internationally reputed organizations like Bausch & Lomb, etc for being the fore runner in bringing to India the most advanced and latest technologies. Investments in technologies and simultaneously providing education and training to surgeons, consultants and technicians for handling those technologies are seen as a very progressive medical strategy for providing better than the best for the patients.

Infrastructure/ Facilities

Comprehensive Eye Check-Up: This includes Eye Testing for Spectacles (Refraction), measurement of Intraocular pressure and complete Retinal examination.

Cataract Clinic: Intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, small incision sutureless cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification) with Foldable IOL.

Glaucoma Clinic: Applanation Tonomertry and Computerised Automatic Visual Field Analysis (Fields) and Optical Coherence Tomography or Gonoscopy.

Diabetic Eye Clinic

Retina Clinic: Diagnosis and management of Retina and Vitreous disorders.

Paediatric Ophthalmology: For children with common disorders like Refractive errors, Congenital Cataract, Squint and Strabismus.

Squint & Orthoptic Clinic: Correction of Squint and ocular motility disorders.

Contact Lens Clinic: Therapeutic and Cosmetic Contact lenses including premier Rose-K lens available here.

Trauma Centre: Ocular Trauma services.


Indus Hygiea is a patient-centric hospital. Putting Patient First, all the systems, procedures, protocols, and processes inside the organization are driven by a philosophy of providing patient delight. Constantly in search of excellence, the hospital adopts world class practices and embraces an organisational culture for extending care and compassion to all its patients. Pushing the boundaries, our bench marks are revisited periodically and the bars are raised on a continual basis to ensure that we provide world class eye care in the true sense.

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